Bill Simmons

This is something I have wanted for a long time. A place where we can talk to each other.

It began as a place to ask questions about MasterLube, like “Why don’t you use coupons?” and “What’s your training program about?” but it quickly grew to include more interesting subjects.

We will have conversations with Rod Davidson, Terry Palm, Cali Freier, and Abby Martinsen; followed by other cool people like Russ Cherry, Elizabeth Klarich, Craig Godfrey, Rick Robinson, and perhaps an occasional international personage.

Like friends at a dinner party, there will be several conversations going on at the same time. And like any good party, there will be some people you know better than others, but by the end of the evening…

Like any good conversation, there will be a place where you can respond, keep the conversation going, or change the subject if you choose.

So welcome to the party! Join in. It won’t be much of a conversation without you!

Bill Simmons

PS.  If you still want to talk about MasterLube, we can do that as well.


Always a River: Any Fish was a Good Fish

Always a River: Any Fish was a Good Fish

Many of you know Terry Palm as a watercolor artist, born and raised in Billings. He now lives in Minnesota and his annual art show in Billings draws hundreds of admirers, but it is less known that for several years Terry has been writing short stories based on his early adventures along the Yellowstone River in what is now Josephine Park. Today’s installment, Any Fish was a Good Fish, is the third of six short stories in a series he’s titled, “Always a River”

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Living & Working With Imposter Syndrome

Living & Working With Imposter Syndrome

You may have a syndrome and not even know it. Or maybe you’ve realized you have some symptoms, but may not have a define your problem. For instance, you’ve heard something like this play over and over in your mind:

“If an expert showed up right now to analyze my work I would be exposed as a fraud!”

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Lean How to Manage Difficult People

Attend a Managing Difficult People Seminar
If you have ever been frustrated by an employee who robs you of time and energy and somehow makes everything your fault we have the answers for you. In this seminar you will learn:
The 5 characteristics of difficult employees
4 pitfalls to avoid when dealing with difficult employees
5 practical tools to manage difficult people
How to plan for conflict with the difficult employee and WIN!
10 strategies for engaging difficult employees that lead to productivity without negativity.

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The rise of national socialism: Why Austria’s revolution is not over

It’s been highly amusing to watch the international press struggle to describe Norbert Hofer, the candidate who has just lost, by a tiny handful of votes, the Austrian presidential election. Hofer bitterly opposes immigration and uses nostalgic language about “pan-German” culture, views which place him in the “far-right” category of European politics.

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